Keep the streets clean together

Garbage! It annoys every single one of us, but eventually nothing happens… Together with a certain social project we started the fight against garbage and litter by setting up a sensibilisation campaign to help people wake up.

The main goal of this social project is to create awareness amongst people about all the garbage we leave behind in public. They do this by organizing campaigns, do research and spread their knowledge. If we all do the extra effort to go to the garbage bin we would end up with a much cleaner Flanders to live in.


75 percent of the Flemish people get annoyed by all the litter in the streets. Even though they don’t actually do anything about it. Flanders has a major issue with garbage. Certain places like parking lots, busstops, stations and highways are way more affected than others. Something definitely needs to happen here.


It’s never too late to bring awareness to people about where they should put there garbage. This project wants to become a social movement where everyone can join. They spread videos throughout the whole of Flanders to show people what they should do with a product after it’s been used. In the garbage bin! Through Facebook video ads and pre-roll ads we managed to send this message loud and clearly. Videos are the ideal medium for companies and organisations to spread the word. This video advertising resulted also in a rising number of Facebook followers through a Facebook Page Like campaign.


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