KV Mechelen

A massive increase of season tickets

In 2015 a first division soccer club started a renovation and extension to their soccer stadium. The goal? To sell as many subscribtions as possible by using the idea of the new soccer stadium. A combination of a number of online marketing techniques resulted in the biggest increase in years. The soccer club is loved by more than 10.000 supporters, of which 8.000 supporters are subscribed.


In 2015 the renovations of the football stadium started. Not only was the stadium renewed, but also firmly expanded. It now had seats for 16.672 supporters, and of course those places had/need to be filled in.

To achieve this goal, we developed an online campaign that was fully responding to the soccer clubs’ needs and general communication.


It became very important to draw attention. Specific banners based on profile interests and location were shown on targeted websites and placements. By checking the surfing behaviour we made it possible to focus our advertisements on specific targets. By doing this we made sure the given budget was fully used.

A video advertisement was shown to consumers. And not just any video! An exciting video that draws sympathy and gives consumers the urge to attend a soccer match every week. Pre-roll advertisements were shown to the target group through Youtube. And last but not least, paid text ads were launched on Google.


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