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Energy-efficient LED lighting is something a lot of companies can save a big amount of money with. Ultimately we want all Flemish companies to transfer to Led lighting because of the sustainability, safeness, comfort and healthiness of this product. And let’s not forget the favorable prices!


Saving money on energy is something a lot of companies these days don’t even think of. Still a lot of companies waste too much energy. The perfect solution to this problem is LED lighting! With LED lighting you can save up to 70% on energy and CO2 emissions.

This is exactly what Green Profit wants to put in the picture. They also offer you a free of charge lighting analysis. This makes that companies can immediately see all the benefits that LED lighting has to offer.


A place was needed where Flemish companies can get more information on the wide product line LED lighting has to offer. A place where companies can make appointments for a free of charge lightanalysis or a place where they can calculate their benefits immediately. Green profit’s demands? A simple, structured website is exactly what we provided.

We build a full website where ofcourse we applied the correct SEO. We also put a lot of effort in e-mailmarketing so people would receive a monthly newsletter with all that has been going on at Green Profit.

Last but definitely not least we made sure Green Profit was found much faster in the Google search results by creating paid textadvertisements.


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