Pay the lowest price for your energy

Nobody wants to pay too much for their energy. The goal of this case is helping families and businesses pay less for energy. Through a certain website it’s possible to compare prices of different energy suppliers. In 2016 this company helped more than 50.000 Belgians with changing from energy supplier. Together we developed an online campaign that fully responds to the needs and communication of the energy sector.


They want to ensure that Belgian families and companies have the most advantageous rate for their energy at all times. They want to become the best reference in finding the best rates.


The first step was to increase the awareness. This could be realized by online advertising. Through display advertising and text ads we got the attention of a lot of people. We set up a content plan for the entire Facebookpage to book results. We also used lead generation to make sure we reached the correct target audience.

Every week we created a blog post that matched a specific theme. A blog post that made sense to read and was educative. We thought of an entire contentstrategy so that every blogpost had the right tone-of-voice. Besides all the previous we used affiliate marketing to get the most leads.


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