What’s the secret behind a good LinkedIn message?

July 10th, 2018

LinkedIn is no longer a just collection of resumes for recruiters. The professional social media channel has become an indispensable platform for companies and marketers. You - as a company or brand - can not stay behind. You have your LinkedIn business page on point, but the followers are lagging behind? You also get few likes and comments on your posts. Here are some tips so that from now on you can write a powerful LinkedIn message.

Engage with your network

The LinkedIn algorithm, however, wants you to be actively present on its platform. By applying this you not only get more interactions with your posts, but also your number of followers will rise. This ultimately ensures that your business page is seen as high-quality, so that you’ll be more present in the timeline of your network.

Updates that get a lot of engagement within the hour are ranked higher in the timeline of your network. But how do you achieve more commitment? You do this by:

Vary with the time of placing

The time of placing is different for each sector and for each country. Try to find out yourself which time is most profitable for you. Are you new to LinkedIn and you have no idea where to start? Then please use the following tips:

Variety in content

Try to find a good balance here. Don’t just post photos of your products or services, but also share tips, blogs, events, successes, ... with your network.

Updates with text

You chose to post an update with text only? Start with a stimulating question or anecdote to draw the attention of your network. But do it in a natural way and not force.

Updates with long texts do well on LinkedIn and are given priority on the timeline. Do not just write a random text, but pour the text into a short story (up to 1,300 characters). This not only raises the reader's attention, but also ensures engagement with your network.

Updates with images

Updates with a photo or a video are always a good way to get noticed more quickly in the timeline of your network. Provide an attractive image that fits the topic of your update.

Also make sure that the image is fully displayed. When you post a photo, image or video, this can sometimes be unintentionally taken out of context. The appropriate format for a status update contains 1,200 x 627 pixels.


Low resolution images or videos are punished by the LinkedIn algorithm. This of course does not mean that your update is not displayed in the timeline of your network, but it will be displayed less than high-resolution footage. So always ensure that your images have a good resolution.

Native video

Video is the future. This is pretty clear on other social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn could not stay behind, and in August 2017 native video was born. Native means that the video is loaded and played in the platform. You don’t have to go to YouTube or Vimeo anymore. This is a unique opportunity for you to share your knowledge in a faster way with your network, but also to put your company, brand or productfully out there. Video is an ideal way to convince your network that you’ve got all the knowledge.

Vlogging staff is an emerging trend of 2018 on LinkedIn. The success of your company or brand starts with your employees. Invite your employees to post about your company or brand in a creative way.

Of course, your video must also take a number of guidelines into account:

Use external links

Placing external links is a big discussion point. The LinkedIn algorithm means that LinkedIn (like any other social media channel) likes to keep the visitors on the platform. Updates or messages with external links are ranked less high. Do you still want to place an external link with your update or message? Then do it in the comments.

By placing the link in the comments, the link is seen less by your network, which means less traffic to what you want. In order to prevent this, it’s best to place two updates, the first update contains a link and in the second update there is no external link. In the second update you refer to the first update. If your network wants to know more about that topic, they can find the link through your company page.

LinkedIn? Piece of cake!

By reading these tips, you are now a native LinkedIn user! You don’t think so? No worries! We always want to help you with setting up a good LinkedIn business page. Don’t hesitate and contact us quickly.

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