What is an Instagram shadowban?

March 22nd, 2018

Did you notice that you get less likes on your instagram posts, they are not running between the hashtags that you have used or that you have less followers? Perhaps your instagram account is on the shadowban list … the what?

The term ‘shadowban’ means that a user is blocked on social media (instagram/Twitter) in a way that you often don’t notice it. The shadowban makes you practically invisible and inhibits your ability to reach new people. The messages you post are no longer shown on the basis of the hashtags you use. People who follow you will see your posts, but for non-followers they are invisible. Someone that doesn’t follow you and searches for hashtags that you have used will not see your posts! This can hinder the growth of your account and it makes it hard to get new followers.

As we discussed in one of our previous blog posts, the use of hashtags nowadays is very important. When you use hashtags on a regular basis you have to keep the shadowban in mind. When you are on the shadowban list, you are invisible to the people that don’t follow you. When you use instagram for businesses, it means fewer customers and perhaps less turnover. Thus, it is very important, as a company, to ensure that you are not on the shadowban list.

How do you make sure that you don’t have to deal with shadowban?

Do not always use the same hashtags

Finding the best hashtags for your company and use them again and again is a good marketing strategy, that’s what we previously thought anyway. However, by using the same hashtags you can end on the shadowban list. So be creative when using hashtags and change!

Do not use ‘ banned ‘ or ‘ broken ‘ hashtags

If you use ‘ banned ‘ hashtags your message will not be shown in the instagram Explorer. But how do you know if a hashtag is banned? When you search the hashtag and only the ‘top post’ section appears, you know that the hashtag is prohibited. Sometimes there is also a mention of instagram, as with the hashtag #kansas. Don’t use this hashtag in your posts because it will not be shown to people who don’t follow you.

Do not use software that is against the community guidelines of Instagram.

There are different types of applications you can use to make your instagram account grow, such as paying for extra likes and followers. But also the use of software that posts on a specific time for you (Grum, Onlypult and Schedugram) goes against the terms of Instagram. Even though this sounds very convenient and will save a lot of time. As a result, not only the hashtags you use can be blocked, but even your full account!

Do not exceed the limits that Instagram imposes.

You are allowed, according to the instagram-user agreement, to hand out 60 comments, follow or unfollow 60 people and give 150 likes per hour. Official information about it is not available, if your account is older it seems that these numbers a bit higher.

Instagram denies that there is such a thing as the Instagram Shadowban. In February they said they had a ‘ glitch in the system ‘. If it’s a deliberate move from instagram or an error in the system/their software? No one knows and instagram remains silent. Below the only time instagram posted something about it.

Instagram shadowban

Are you on the shadowbanned list?

With the shadowban Analyzer tool you can check if you are on the shadowbanned list.


How do I get rid of that shadowban?

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