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March 19th, 2018

We at Madzuli Agency hate paying too much. Who doesn’t? The message of is to save money! But how?

Very simple, by price comparisons. Belgian families and businesses can compare all Belgian energy suppliers, mobile operators and internet service providers through In 2016 only, they helped more than 50 000 Belgians with switching from provider. We worked on an online campaign for them that fully responds to the needs and communication of

Goal wants to make sure that Belgian families and businesses have the most economical rate for their energy, mobile phone and internet at all times. They want to be the biggest reference in finding the most economical rate.


First of all, we increased the name recognition of We did this on basis of online ads, through display advertising and text ads to attract attention.

The full facebook page of was taken care of and to achieve results we laid out a content plan. That was of course not all, lead generation was used on the facebook page so we could effectively advertise to the target group of

Every week there was a blogpost delivered in a specific theme. A blog post that everything wanted to read and that learned you something. But who thinks of blogging, also thinks of content marketing. A content strategy was written so the correct tone of voice was used en found in every blog post. We also used Affiliate marketing to get the most leads.


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