Use the right #hashtags for your business in 2018

March 9th, 2018

The rules for Instagram #hashtags have changed.

Instagram hashtags are still an effective way to get more followers or to increase the commitment. The purpose of a hashtag is to filter messages about the same topic to one gathering place. This makes it easier for social media users to view and compare the information. Hashtags are for Instagram what SEO is for Google, namely your findability. It is your own task to make sure the users find you.

From following hashtags to adding hashtags to your Instagram Stories. In this blogpost we’re covering it all. We’re going to give you all new ways to integrate the best hashtags in your posts so that your brand or company grows effectively. We will also give you several tips & tricks that you can use in your strategic hashtag game to reach your marketing goals

1: Find the right instagram hashtags for your account

To be successful with hashtags, it’s important that you think about the strategic use of it. The most popular hashtags are simple words such as #love #happy and #dog. These hashtags will not do much for your long-term growth. It’s better to use hashtags that ensure engagement.

The effectiveness of hashtags is not only what hashtags you exactly use, but also how much hashtags you use. Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags in one post. Research has shown that pictures with 11 hashtags are the most successful.

But how to find these cool, creative hashtags? We explain everything in this blog.

2: Use specific hashtags that describe your profile, targets, market of company

First of all, it’s recommended to use hashtags that are related to your profile or company. How can you find these hashtags? Simple, enter the hashtag into the search bar and choose ‘tags’, now you get all the pictures that use the hashtag you are looking for and also all the hashtags that are related.

It’s also a good idea to do a search in your audience and competitors. This way you can see which hashtags they use and which provide the most engagement. Random use of hashtags in your posts will not provide a growth of your public, instead you have to figure out which hashtags can be used and which of them are relevant to your content.

3: Keep your hashtags relevant, it’s more important than ever!

Instagram has recently given the opportunity to follow hashtags. This means that a user doesn’t have to search a hashtag and endlessly scroll through thousands of pictures to (hopefully) find his content. Your post automatically appears in the feeds of potential followers.

The algorithm of Instagram has always preferred the use of specific and relevant hashtags, but this new way to use hashtags is from a higher level.

Users now have the power to exclude your hashtagged content from their page.

How it works:

When a user follows a specific hashtag, suggestion posts appear in their feed. they have the possibility to use a new option, namely: no messages fort his hashtag. This option allows the user to choose to exclude certain content which is irrelevant.

4: Use different hashtags in each Instagram post to make sure you’re not spamming

Because of the chaos around shadowban, one thing has become clear: you can not use the same hashtags for your posts. But what is shadowban exactly? In our next blog post we will tell you more about it.

If you still use the same hashtag in every post, the instagram algorithm may see this as spam and it can adversely affect the visibility of your posts. This is a new Instagram rule to make you use other hashtags that are relevant to your content every time you post something.

But how do you know in the first place which hashtags are right for your post?

Do not use tricky hashtags such as: #likeforlike or #followforfollow, these have been used more than a million times. They might give you some likes but they don’t provide effective followers.

5: Use unique hashtags

It’s even possible to make and use a hashtag specifically for your brand, product or campaign. You can get a lot more engagement by asking others to post photos and videos with your own hashtag.

How it works:

We use 2 unique hashtags at Madzuli Agency, namely: #lifeatmadzuli and #humansofmadzuli

These hashtags are both used with a different purpose. #lifeatmadzuli is used in pictures about events of Madzuli Agency, inside or outside the office.

#humansofmadzuli is used to put the staff in the spotlight. Each month there is a picture and a small text about the employee of that month.

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