The digital trends of 2018

February 27th, 2018

We are entering 2018 with good spirits. That means it’s time to look forward to the digital marketing trends that will have a major impact in 2018. We listed six top trends for you!

Personalization Chatbots

Many companies are active on social media and this creates high expectations for consumers, such as: Fast response times and the possibility to have a real conversation with companies. Chatbots offer the ideal solution to respond to the needs of the consumers. A human conversation stimulates the chatbot software and monitors the sustainable relationship with customers. Although an automatic response is generated, the chatbot remains personal, polite and always available.

Advertise via messenger apps

In the recent years we saw an increasing popularity of messenger apps, think of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc … Consumers spend a lot of time on their smartphone, a large part of that time is spent in apps. More specific, messenger apps. Several messenger apps offer marketers the opportunity to advertise within these apps, although it is still unexplored territory for many advertisers.

In the coming months, advertising by messenger apps will have to show whether it’s an effective way of advertising, or a source of irritation and unwanted interruption. But, on the other hand, not responding to advertising via messenger apps can soon be a backlog on the competition.

Content Marketing becomes even more important

In fact, Content Marketing isn’t a trend at all. It has been going on for several years, but is becoming increasingly important which also applies on 2018.

A lot of companies are not yet fully up-to-date on the benefits of content marketing. For example: content marketing is cheaper than many other forms of marketing. Plus, if you use content marketing enough, it can even result in more leads.

Augmented Reality

The past few years, we saw a technological advance of the smartphone camera and a huge explosion of augmented reality games like Pokémon Go.

When Apple launched the Iphone 8 and X and it’s new features, they released a new technology into the world. And now? Now, augmented reality is in the hands of the digital marketers. They want to reach their target groups in a completely new way and include the full augmented reality experience.

In September 2017, IKEA launched an augmented reality app that allows customers to view IKEA’s products at home.

Influencer Marketing

Many brands and companies spend money on influencers, think about bloggers and vloggers. They ask influencers to create unique content about their products and services. In 2018, Influencer Marketing will continue its growth.

Although the whole idea behind this medium has to change, marketers will have to cooperate with influencers in a different way. Because people become more aware of product listings and recommendations via social media. Many brands and companies – which are working hard on a good image and higher brand awareness – will suffer from this medium, because credibility will decrease in value.

In 2018 people tend to build a real relationship with consumers. Marketers need to develop a careful marketing strategy with clear goals. Brands and companies will have to select influencers carefully.


The past year, video was booming on social media and this is no coincidence. 90% of the user-shared content was video. In 2020, it’s predicted that video will account for 80% of internet traffic. Marketers and companies are fully engaged in integrating video into their marketing strategy. In addition, social media platforms make it easier for users to edit and upload videos.

2018 bring it on

By reading these six trends you are ready for 2018. Of course, online marketing continues to develop. Keep an eye on our blog regularly, because we keep you informed about trends, developments, new technologies and useful tips & tricks.

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