French Fries vs Spaghetti – Digital Belgium vs Digital Italy

May 23rd, 2018

Last week our Milanese colleagues came to visit our offices in Belgium. In addition to educational workshops, interesting meetings and cosy small talks we also obtained insights into the Italian market. The conclusion: five differences in the Italian and Belgian digitalization:

International vs. local campaigns

The first difference occurs in the kind of customers. The customers of Madzuli Agency Italia put their focus on a market abroad, while the customers of Madzuli Agency Belgium have their focus on the local market. What’s the reason for that? Simple. The Italian market exports its products and/or services more to other countries such as France, Germany, Switzerland, ….

Communication agencies vs. customers

Here in Belgium we work closely and in a direct way with the customer. In Italy, the digital agencies work together with a communication agency. The communication agency comes up with an idea and then divides the work among several companies that specialise in a particular niche.

Desktop vs smartphone

The next difference can be found in the use of online devices. Through the Consumer Barometer of Google we can see that Italian users rather use a mobile device to browse on the Internet than a desktop. In Belgium this is the other way around, the users like surfing through a desktop more than via a smartphone.

Week vs. weekend

Also there is a big difference between the week and weekends. In Italy everyone is very active in the week but when the weekend is approaching the online traffic stops. This is demonstrated by the ad schedules of different campaigns. When we look at Belgium, we can conclude that this is not the case. Most of the campaigns remain constantly in the week and weekends.

Full service vs. specialists

A difference, but also a similarity. What has become clear to us after the visit of our Italian colleagues is that most agencies -both in Belgium as in Italy- are divided into specialists. Everyone has their own function that he or she doesn’t deviate from.

A full service digital agency, that’s how Madzuli Agency presents itself to the outside world. But we are much more than that. Each of us is trained as a digital marketer and each of us has an expertise where he/she is good at. Thinking in boxes? We don’t work like that, you can see this in the results and the cooperation.

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