Facebook video ads: the complete guide

August 22nd, 2018

If you are one of the one billion active Facebookusers you’ve probably noticed that video content is slowly taking over your newsfeed. Video is booming and one of the biggest Facebook trends of the year 2018. Everyday more and more companies and brands are using this powerful content format to give their followers what they want to see. Looking for an even more powerful experience? Read this blog and get to know all about Facebook viedo ads. Let’s get started!

What are Facebook video ads?

As you probably already know, Facebook video ads are used to show people what your company stands for and what you exactly do.

Instead of creating general ads for Facebook with an image or just text, you can also choose for video. With a little help of advanced retargeting methods your video ads are being shown in the newsfeed of potential clients.

Why use Facebook video ads?

It’s easier to quickly pull attention with moving images. Facebook video ads are the best way to make sure that people memorise your company or brand.

Besides that, a video ad also gains trust. This leads to people getting more and more involved with your company or brand. That’s why it’s important to take your time and put enough attention in the ads.

A professional video can really make the difference. It creates the possibility to tell a unique story about your company or brand. This way you can warm up your potential clients about a certain product or service.

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6 tips to get most out of your Facebook video ads

Tip #1 Show video’s whitout any sound

Most of the people with smartphones have their sound turned off when scrolling through their newsfeed. Imagine you’re waiting for the bus to arrive, so to kill some time you scroll through your Facebook newsfeed. Whilst doing that, you don’t want to annoy everyone with loud noises coming from your smartphone.

On Facebook, video’s are shown in a way that you only hear the sound when you actually click on the video. That’s why it’s best to not use any sound in your video. Also think of adding text and subtitles to your video.

Does your video really need sound? Add a caption to the video. Facebook had simplified the use of video ads by adding captions to video’s. Facebook reports state that adding a caption increases your viewing time until 12%.

Tip #2 Use CPM biddings

Autoplay may be unnecessary and annoying on other platforms, but Facebook has several distractions which makes autoplay a great technique to draw the attention of your potential clients. To be able to work with autoplay, you have to set your bidding method to CPM instead of CPC.

Tip #3 Get to the point

Did you know the maximum duration of your Facebookvideo is 120 minutes? That’s incredibly long, no one watches a video on social media that lasts for 2 hours.

The length of a video is very important, definitely when we’re talking about business videos. Keep the videos short but clear so that people and potential clients will be more likely to watch the entire video.

Tip #4 Use videos that achieve high scores

Before promoting a video on Facebook, make sure you check first which videos are received the best on your website or other social media. It’s important to use a video that already generated some interactions through other media.

Tip #5 Make sure the right people view your videos

It’s important to set your targeting as accurate as you can. Nowadays Facebook has the possibility to really go into detail when it comes to targeting. Investigate who your target audience is en describe them as specifically as possible. Also sum up their interests, for example certain pages they would follow on Facebook.

Tip #6 Learn from the video statistics

When our Facebook video ads have generated a certain amount of data, take a step back en re-evaluate if your budget has been spelt well according to the results. These statistics are very useful and can learn you a lot!

Ready, Set, Go!

Did you get a lot wiser when it comes to Facebook video ads or do you prefer leaving it to a digital agency? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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